Working Together

Peter Prairie Dog saw his neighbour, Gerald Groundhog outside his den. It was early on the morning of Groundhog Day and Peter Prairie Dog wondered what Gerald Groundhog was doing.

“Normally he would be in his den brushing his fur coat and making himself look good for the reporters,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “I think I should go see if he is alright.”

“Hello,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “What are you doing outside? I would have thought that you would be getting ready for Groundhog Day.”

“Why are you not seeing your shadow?” asked Gerald Groundhog ignoring what Peter Prairie Dog just said to him.

“I don’t see one because I don’t have a shadow today,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “Just so you know, you don’t have one today either.”

“Are you sure?” asked Gerald Groundhog.

“I am sure,” said Peter Prairie Dog.

“Why do I see one?” asked Gerald Groundhog.

“Are you sure you see one?” asked Peter Prairie Dog.

“Yes,” said Gerald Groundhog, pointing to the ground. “It is right there.”

“I am still not seeing it,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “Maybe try closing your eyes for about 30 seconds.”

Gerald Groundhog closed his eyes, just like Peter Prairie Dog told him to and when he opened them up in 30 seconds he didn’t see his shadow.

“What is going on?” asked Gerald Groundhog. “I was positive I saw my shadow.”

“Well,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “I am no expert but are you stressed at all?”

“Yes,” said Gerald Groundhog. “I am stressed. I want Groundhog Day to be a success.”

“Well,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “I think stress was causing you to see your shadow that wasn’t really there. When you closed your eyes for that 30 seconds it allowed you to break the level of stress you were feeling.”

“That does make sense,” said Gerald Groundhog. “Thank you!”

“You are welcome,” said Peter Prairie Dog.

“I must get ready for Groundhog Day,” said Gerald Groundhog.

Peter Prairie Dog went inside his den watched. Soon after, Gerald Groundhog went down into his den, the crowds and reporters showed up. Gerald Groundhog came out of his den, looked around and then he closed his eyes for 30 seconds. When he opened them, the crowd cheered and the reporters started taking his picture.

“An early spring!” the crowd shouted.

Gerald Groundhog was ecstatic. This was a perfect Groundhog Day for him and he owed it all to Peter Prairie Dog.

Gerald Groundhog did something no other groundhog has ever done in the history of Groundhog Day. He walked over to Peter Prairie Dog’s den and encouraged him to come join him.

“This is beautiful,” said one reporter, snapping photo after photo. “We have just witnessed something very special. We have just witnessed two animal species working together!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always good to work together.
  • Example: Gerald Groundhog decided it would be best to work together with Peter Prairie Dog.

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