A Prairie Dog Victory

Peter Prairie Dog was in his den on Groundhog Day. He watched as crowds were starting to form at the groundhog den next to him. They were all waiting for the groundhog to come out of his den to see if he was going to predict an early spring or not.

“I wish we prairie dogs were recognized for predicting an early spring or not,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “It isn’t fair that the groundhogs get all the attention. I know that some of us prairie dogs can predict an early spring better than any groundhog could.”

Peter Prairie Dog continued to watch the crowds. There was a knock on his door. He was surprised because nobody ever knocked on his door.

“Hi, I am Steven,” said a young boy. “Do I have the right den? Are you the groundhog?”

“No,” said Peter Prairie Dog, stepping outside. “I’m not the groundhog. The groundhog lives in the next den over.”

“What are you?” asked Steven. “Can you predict an early spring? I see you haven’t seen your shadow.”

“I am a prairie dog,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “We can predict an early spring just as good or even better than a groundhog but people do seem to like groundhogs better.”

“I won’t waste any more of your time,” said Steven. “It was nice talking to you.”

“Thank you,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “It was nice talking to you as well.”

Peter Prairie Dog went back to watching the crowds. A few minutes later, the groundhog poked his head out of his den. He didn’t stay long, because he saw his shadow. He scurried back into his den as fast as he could go..

“Oh dear,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “The groundhog saw his shadow. That means there will be six more weeks of winter. Funny though, I didn’t see my shadow when I was talking to Steven.”

A few minutes later, Steven was at Peter Prairie Dog’s den. Peter Prairie Dog went outside to talk to him.

“Look,” said Steven, pointing out the fact that Peter Prairie Dog did not see his shadow. “The prairie dog is predicting an early spring!”

The crowds were thrilled.

“I say we go with the prairie dog’s predictions,” said Steven. “He is predicting an early spring.”

The crowd went crazy. They were so happy with Peter Prairie Dog’s prediction because they really did want an early spring.

“This is such a happy day for me and other prairie dogs,” said Peter Prairie Dog.


Moral of this Story:

  • Jealousy is not a good thing.
  • Example: Peter Prairie Dog was jealous of the groundhog because groundhogs get all the attention on Groundhog Day.

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