Too Silly for Groundhog Day

“I might skip Groundhog Day this year,” said Silly Groundhog to himself. “Groundhog Day is actually quite silly, when you think about it.” Silly Groundhog sat in his den on a very cold February 2, which was Groundhog Day. He thought about how warm it was in his den and how he didn’t want to […] Read More

Meet Peter Prairie Dog

Welcome to the Meet Peter Prairie Dog page. Peter Prairie Dog is a character I created for a children’s book I wrote, “Silly Groundhog“. Peter Prairie Dog lives in Calgary, Alberta. He feels threatened by groundhogs because groundhogs have “Groundhog Day”. Prairie dogs have nothing. Peter Prairie is very angry with groundhogs because of this. […] Read More

Meet Silly Groundhog

Welcome to the Meet Silly Groundhog page. Silly Groundhog is a character I created for a children’s book I wrote, “Silly Groundhog”. Silly Groundhog lives in Ottawa, Ontario. His job is to predict that coming of spring. Silly Groundhog was almost late for Groundhog Day because other animals were taking up the other holes. Silly […] Read More

Jen-Jen and an Early Spring

“Today is Groundhog Day,” said Jen-Jen as she looked at her calendar. “It would be really nice if we had an early spring.” Jen-Jen put her winter coat and winter boots on. She went outside and saw that it had been snowing. It was also very cold. “My garden is covered in snow,” said Jen-Jen. […] Read More

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day … “Now,” said Sprinkles’ Mother. “Your grandmother is expecting this cake. It is cold outside so make sure you dress warm.” “Yes Mother,” said Sprinkles, putting on her winter coat and boots. “I sure wish that winter was over.” “I do too,” said Mother. Sprinkles walked through the forest to her […] Read More

Prairie Dog Day

“Gee,” said Peter Prairie Dog, putting down his newspaper. “I see tomorrow is Groundhog Day.” “Yes,” said Peter’s wife, Patty. “I don’t understand what all the commotion is all about with the groundhog’s. We prairie dogs can predict the weather just as good, if not better than they can.” “You’ve just given me an idea,” […] Read More

Groundhog Day

“Fawn,” said Spot, noticing that her friend was getting ready to go outside. “What are you doing? It’s freezing outside today.” “Don’t you know what day it is?” asked Fawn. “Let’s see,” said Spot, looking at the calendar that hung on the wall of the barn. “It is February 2. Oh, it’s Groundhog Day! Wait […] Read More

No Shadows Today

Today is a blustery cold winter day. The thermometer has dipped to -30 degrees C. That is very cold. I woke up in my den this morning, underneath the ground. It is usually nice and warm for me here but not today. Everything is a little frosty to the touch. I grabbed my fur coat […] Read More