Prairie Dog Mania

It was Groundhog Day and Peter Prairie Dog was watching as the groundhog in the den beside him poked his head out. Peter Prairie Dog was seething with jealousy.

“Why can’t it be Prairie Dog Day?” Peter Prairie Dog asked himself. “I can predict an early spring just as good or even better than a groundhog.”

Peter Prairie Dog watched the groundhogs and watched the crowd cheer. However, the cheering was short lived. The groundhog saw his shadow and scurried down into his den.

“I am sure I wouldn’t have seen my shadow,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “However, what can I do? I am just one prairie dog. Can one prairie dog make a difference?”

Peter Prairie Dog thought for a moment. He thought that maybe he could make a difference. Peter Prairie Dog poked his head out of his hole.

“Look, it is a prairie dog,” said someone in the crowd.

“What is he doing?” said someone else. “This isn’t Prairie Dog Day.”

The crowd laughed at Peter Prairie Dog. However, he stood his ground. It wasn’t long before someone noticed that he didn’t see his shadow.

“The prairie dog rules!” the crowd shouted. “It is going to be an early spring!”

The crowd cheered. They were so happy with the prairie dog and his early spring prediction.

“I guess one prairie dog can make a difference,” said Peter Prairie Dog, very happy at himself for taking a stand.


Moral of this Story:

  • One person can make a difference.
  • Example: Peter Prairie Dog was angry that groundhogs get all the attention on Groundhog Day. He decided that he could make a difference so he stood up for himself.

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