Fawn and Spot

Once upon a time, there were two cows. Their names were Fawn and Spot. Fawn was a tan-coloured cow and Spot was a black and white-coloured cow. Fawn and Spot lived on a 14 acre farm in Mountain Grove, Ontario .

Fawn was not an ordinary cow. He did not like to eat grass or hay. He did not like to eat grain, either. Yet, he certainly was the fattest of the two cows. The reason for that was that he loved french-fries and pop. Sometimes his owners, the Hansen family, would bring Fawn their leftover french-fries and pop. They knew how much he enjoyed them.

Jenny Hansen, who was the youngest of the Hansen’s, started Fawn on his love and passion for french-fries. Ricky Hansen, who was the oldest of the Hansen’s, started Fawn on his love and passion for pop. The two children would sneak down to the barn at night and feed Fawn. Spot would have nothing to do with Fawn’s delicacy. She would stick her nose up in the air and turn to eat her grass and grain.

One Saturday morning, the Hansen’s went away for the day. They had to visit their grandparents in the big city and they had to leave very early in the morning. Jenny and Ricky did not have time to give Fawn his french-fries and pop. This upset them very much, but it upset Fawn even more.

“Good morning, Fawn,” teased Spot.

“Oh, why don’t you leave me alone, and why are you chewing on that stupid grass?” asked Fawn grumpily.

“Fawn, you are a cow, not a human being. We are supposed to eat grass and grain,” said Spot.

“Well, I am not an ordinary cow. I need my french-fries and pop. Jenny and Ricky had no right to take off to Granny’s without feeding me first,” cried Fawn.

“You can’t blame the kids,” said Spot. “They were still asleep when their dad carried them out to the car this morning.”

Well, maybe it wasn’t their fault, but I sure am hungry,” said Fawn. “Do you want to go into town with me?”

“I knew you were up to something,” said Spot. “I do not really want to, but I will tag along with you because I don’t want you to get into any trouble.”

Fawn and Spot left for town. Once in town, they saw a sign that had “Police Station” written on it.

“Does that sign say french-fries and pop?” asked Fawn.

Spot laughed so hard that her face was starting to turn red.

“That sign says that that’s the police station,” laughed Spot.

Fawn did not know what to say. He just kept walking along the road. Finally, the old familiar smell of french-fries filled the air. He dashed into the restaurant in front of him. The poor girl at the counter didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t sure if this was Halloween or not.

“It can’t be Halloween,” she said to herself. “This is only August.”

Just then, a hefty policeman walked into the restaurant. He could not believe his eyes. He was also wondering if it was Halloween.

“No Officer, it’s not Halloween,” said the waitress.

“Alright, you two cows come with me,” said the policeman. “You two are under arrest.”

Poor Fawn and Spot. They were both humiliated. They were first hand-cuffed, then, they had to go to the police-station for finger-printing. (In this case, it was hoof-prints.) To top it off, they had to spend the night in jail.

Fawn was taking it all not too badly. The guard on duty was a pretty silly guy. He did not know what he was supposed to feed the two cows. He had some left-over french-fries that he didn’t know what to do with, so he threw them into Fawn and Spot’s cell.

Even though they were cold, Fawn gobbled them down. He never bothered to save any for Spot. Spot didn’t like french-fries anyway, but just about then, she would have eaten anything. She was starving.

Fawn was nice and full. The only thing that he was missing was his pop. A nice ice-cold glass of orange pop would have completed his almost perfect day.

That next day, the Hansen’s had returned home from their trip in the big city. Jenny and Ricky were relieved to be back home. All those noisy cars and big tall buildings were not for them. They would much rather have stayed home with their two cows, Fawn and Spot.

Jenny and Ricky raced down to the barn. They flung the door open. Upon reaching the stall of Fawn and Spot, the two children stopped dead in their tracks. Their worst fears were realized. Fawn and Spot were gone.

The Hansen children ran all the way to their house, crying. When they reached the kitchen door, their parents were alarmed by the sound coming from outside.

“That sounds like Jenny and Ricky crying,” said Mrs. Hansen.

“Yes, it does,” said Mr. Hansen.

Mr. and Mrs. Hansen got up from their chairs just as Jenny and Ricky came running through the door.

“My heavens, what’s wrong?” asked Mrs. Hansen.

The two children stopped sobbing long enough to explain to their parents the dilemma their two cows were in.

Just then, a car pulled into their driveway. It was a police car. A hefty policeman got out of the car. The children recognized him as the chief of police.

Chief Lewis told the Hansen’s of the misadventure of their two cows, the previous day. Jenny and Ricky almost started laughing as Chief Lewis told the Hansen’s his strange tale. All Jenny could say was that it sounded like Fawn and Spot.

With that, the Hansen children and their parents went down to the police-station. They had to wait for a bail-hearing. That took about three hours. Jenny and Ricky were very happy to get Fawn and Spot back. In October, Fawn and Spot would have to appear in court for their sentencing.

On the way home, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen decided they would treat Fawn and Spot and the two children to lunch. They all had french-fries and pop. Spot, who disliked french-fries and pop, savoured each bite as if it would be her last.

That dreadful day in October finally rolled around. Today was the day for Fawn and Spot to go to court. The night before, Jenny and Ricky had prepared their two cows. They bathed them in perfumed bath water. They brushed their little friends until they shone. They even went so far as to put a little pink bow on Spot’s head. They would be the best looking animals in the court room.

The Hansen family along with Fawn and Spot drove to the court-house. Spot was shaking like a leaf. Fawn, however, was as cool and collected as could be. The two cows were the last ones to be called to the stand. It was a long day. The court room was very warm. Both Fawn and Spot were sweating.

“The case of Fawn and Spot is now in progress,” said the court secretary.

Fawn and Spot both walked up to the witness stand. They couldn’t fit on the seat, so Fawn sat down and made Spot stand up.

“What brings you two cows to the court room today?” asked the judge.

“Well, we-we,” stuttered Spot.

“It all started like this,” interrupted Fawn. “I wanted to go to town to get some french-fries and pop because my owners had gone away to the big city. The children weren’t able to feed me before they left, so I didn’t get my breakfast.”

The judge laughed so hard that he couldn’t stop. He dismissed the case. Fawn and Spot were free to go.

“Just one more thing,” said the judge, still laughing. “The next time this happens, I will send you straight to the livestock barns.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Fawn is always getting into some kind of trouble.
  • Example: Fawn didn’t get his breakfast before his owners had to go to the city so he decided he would go to town and get some.

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