Sure Sign of Spring

Sure Sign of Spring … “It is spring,” said Mrs. Robin, who was down on the ground, collecting worms for her three babies. “However, it is still very cold out here.” It was getting harder for Mrs. Robin to even find worms because of the cold. Mrs. Robin wanted the warmer weather to come. She […] Read More

Mountain Kid’s Winter Stew

“That cloud in the sky does not look good,” said Mountain Kid. Mountain Kid was outside of his log cabin. He was putting his tools away because he had been working on his truck in his driveway. ā€œIā€™d better get these tools put away,” said Mountain Kid. “It looks like a bad winter storm is […] Read More

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day

Sprinkles on Groundhog Day … “Now,” said Sprinkles’ Mother. “Your grandmother is expecting this cake. It is cold outside so make sure you dress warm.” “Yes Mother,” said Sprinkles, putting on her winter coat and boots. “I sure wish that winter was over.” “I do too,” said Mother. Sprinkles walked through the forest to her […] Read More

Neon Cop Goes Ice Skating

“It is very cold outside,” said Neon Cop, coming into the house after work one evening. “I keep telling you that you shouldn’t wear shorts in the winter,” said Neon Cop’s wife, Suzie. Suzie was referring to the fact that Neon Cop wore fluorescent coloured shorts and tops all year long. That was the reason […] Read More

Mr. Winter Makes Winter Too Warm

“Oh Victoria,” said Mr. Winter, when he picked her up one winter evening for their date. “You look so beautiful. I am very much in love with you.” “I am in love with you too,” said Victoria. “Meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Mr. Winter and Victoria have been […] Read More

Snow Fairy has a Cold

Snow Fairy has a Cold … “It is so very cold,” thought Snow Fairy, wrapping a big blanket around herself and adding a log onto the fire. Snow Fairy sat down in her chair and she started to shiver. She wrapped the blanket around her tighter. No matter what she did, she just couldn’t get […] Read More

Snow Fairy Finds Warmth

Finds Warmth … “This winter has been so cold,” said Snow Fairy to herself as she went outside to collect her mail. “I do hope it warms up soon.” Snow Fairy is not the type to complain. She is sweet and innocent. However, Snow Fairy was correct, it has been a very cold winter so […] Read More

Mr. Winter is Jealous

“It is a nice winter day,” said Mr. Winter, taking Victoria’s hand in his. “I am enjoying this walk,” said Victoria. “There is a slight warmth to the air. It feels good.” “I can turn the temperature up for you,” said Mr. Winter. “Actually this is perfect,” said Victoria. “It is winter and we should […] Read More