Spooky Becomes Visible

“Oh Fawn,” said Spooky.

“Spooky,” said Fawn jumping ten feet in the air. “You’ve got to stop scaring me like that.”

“The problem is that you can’t see me coming,” said Spooky.

“That is true,” said Fawn. “All I hear is your voice.”

Spooky is a ghost that Fawn met on Halloween night. Spooky is invisible and the only way anyone knows he is around is when he speaks and we all know that if someone speaks to us and we can’t see them, we will jump.

“You know Spooky,” said Fawn. “You should wear a tshirt. Then, at least we would see you.”

“Good idea,” said Spooky.

Fawn went into his room and got one of his old tshirts and gave it to Spooky. Spooky put it on and Fawn laughed. There, in mid-air was his old tshirt, just floating around.

“Spot!” exclaimed Fawn. “Come here quick. Come see Spooky.”

Spot laughed when she saw Fawn’s tshirt floating in the air.

“That is a wonderful idea,” said Spot. “Now we can see Spooky, or at least part of him.”

It was great for Fawn and Spot to be able to see Spooky. However, they soon found out that other people freaked when they saw a tshirt floating in the air.

“I guess I’ll just have to wear the tshirt when I’m just with you,” said Spooky. “I’m just scaring too many people.”

“I’ve got an idea,” said Spot.

Spot went into the kitchen and grabbed a sack of flour. She threw a couple of cups of flour all over Spooky and after Spooky coughed and gagged on the flour, Fawn and Spot were able to see Spooky.

“Well,” laughed Fawn. “You are kind of cute but you do look a little pale.”

“I’m a ghost,” said Spooky. “I’m supposed to be pale.”

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