Spooky Gets Scared

Over the next few weeks, Spooky spent a lot of time with Fawn and Spot. The three friends seemed to get along very well together. They enjoyed spending time together and were always laughing and joking around.

One day, Fawn asked Spooky come into his bedroom with him while he cleaned it up. Spooky saw a huge spider on Fawn’s wall and he freaked.

“Get that spider away from me!” screamed Spooky. “I hate spiders.”

All Fawn could see was his tshirt, that Spooky was wearing, floating around the room, bouncing from one wall to another.

“Spooky,” said Fawn. “Settle down. You are a ghost. There is no way that a spider can hurt you. You are already dead. As a matter of fact, nothing can hurt you.”

“Oh yeah,” said Spooky. “This whole ghost thing is pretty freaky. I keep forgetting that nothing can hurt me.”

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