Fawn and Spot are Thankful for Each Other

It was Thanksgiving weekend in Calgary, Alberta. Fawn, a brown and white coloured cow, was outside playing in the field. There were a lot of prairie dog holes in this particular field and Fawn had been warned several times to stay out of it. “Oh dear!” exclaimed Spot, a black and white coloured cow. “Fawn […] Read More

The Lost Summer

“Fawn,” said Spot, looking at the calendar that was hung on the wall of the kitchen. “The month of July is now over. We are into August already.” “Are you serious?” asked Fawn. “That can’t be right. Where did July go? It seems like it was June just a few days ago.” “I know,” said […] Read More

Beatrice Bee on the Farm

Beatrice Bee flew around Storyland. She saw a farm just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There were two cows standing in the field. One cow was black and white and the other was brown and white. “They look friendly,” said Beatrice. “I think I will go visit with them.” Beatrice saw a rock in between […] Read More

Fawn and Spot’s Spring Cleaning

“Guess what?” asked Spot, seeing cobwebs and dust everywhere. “What?” asked Fawn, just waking up. “It is time for spring cleaning,” said Spot, grabbing a mop and bucket. “The barn is filthy. There, are cobwebs and dust everywhere.” “Have fun,” said Fawn, pulling the blankets up over his head. “I am going back to sleep.” […] Read More

No Jellybeans for Easter

“I love Easter,” said Fawn, helping Spot do the dishes, one night, just before Easter. “I do too,” said Spot. “Easter is so colourful with lots of pretty flowers and pretty dresses.” “I love all the candy and the Easter eggs,” said Fawn. “I especially love jellybeans.” “I hear there will be no jellybeans for […] Read More

Spot’s Red Dress

“Oh Daisy!” exclaimed Spot, when she saw her friend walking up the laneway. “I love your new red dress.” “Why thank you!” exclaimed Daisy. “I bought it at the little dress shop in the village.” “I would just love to own such a nice dress,” said Spot. Jenny Hansen just came up the driveway. She […] Read More