No Jellybeans for Easter

“I love Easter,” said Fawn, helping Spot do the dishes, one night, just before Easter.

“I do too,” said Spot. “Easter is so colourful with lots of pretty flowers and pretty dresses.”

“I love all the candy and the Easter eggs,” said Fawn. “I especially love jellybeans.”

“I hear there will be no jellybeans for Easter this year,” said Ricky Hansen, coming into the barn to check up on his two cows.

“What do you mean there will be no jellybeans!” cried Fawn.

“I heard they stopped making them,” said Ricky.

“How can they do that?” asked Fawn, very upset. “No jellybeans for Easter! That isn’t right.”

“Fawn,” said Ricky, feeling bad for upsetting him so much. “I was just joking. There will be jellybeans for Easter, lots of them.”

“Oh good,” said Fawn, wiping a tear from his cheek and suddenly feeling better.

Easter morning came and Fawn, Spot, Ricky and his sister, Jenny, were hunting for Easter eggs and treats.

“Fawn,” said Ricky, checking out his Easter candy once they returned to the barn after their Easter egg hunt. “How many jellybeans did you get?”

“I didn’t get any,” said Fawn. “Did you get any?”

“No,” said Ricky. “I didn’t get any either.”

“Maybe that story you told me the other day was true,” said Fawn.

“I was totally joking,” said Ricky.

“Where are all the jellybeans then?” asked Fawn.

“I think I know where they are,” said Ricky, seeing Spot and Jenny with lots of jellybeans.

“Don’t worry,” said Spot. “We will share the jellybeans with you and Fawn.”

Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to tease someone.
  • Example: Ricky teased Fawn by telling him there were not going to be any jellybeans for Easter. This made Fawn very upset.
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