The Colourful Easter Eggs

“It is a beautiful spring day,” said Silly Snake to himself as he took his usual morning walk. “I love this weather.”

Silly Snake decided he would walk in the cool grass. He came across a brightly coloured Easter egg.

“Look at the colour of that egg,” said Silly Snake. “It is beautiful.”

Silly Snake looked at the egg and he thought about picking it up but then he thought about the fact that the egg didn’t belong to him so, he left it alone.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Silly Snake, seeing another colourful egg in the grass. “There is another egg and oh look, another one.”

Silly Snake went home and talked to his mother about the colourful eggs he saw.

“Did you bring any of them home with you?” asked Mother, after Silly Snake explained to her about seeing lots of colourful eggs in the grass.

“No,” said Silly Snake. “I was thinking about it but I know they don’t belong to me so, I didn’t.”

“I am very proud of you,” said Mother. “However, those eggs do belong to you.”

“They do,” said Silly Snake, confused.

“Yes,” said Mother. “They do. The Easter Bunny left them for you. It is Easter. Happy Easter, son!”

“Happy Easter to you as well,” said Silly Snake. “I have some Easter eggs I need to collect.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to ask permission before taking something.
  • Example: Silly Snake didn’t pick up any of the colourful eggs that he found because he thought they didn’t belong to him.

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