September Breeze

“Fawn come outside,” said Spot, who was sitting on the porch that was attached to the barn. “It is so nice outside.”

“Is it hot?” asked Fawn.

“No,” said Spot. “It is actually a little cool. There is a real nice breeze.”

The summer months of July and August were scorchers for Fawn and Spot, who live on a ranch in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The temperatures were well above 30 degrees Celsius. However, it was actually quite bearable because it was not a humid heat but a dry heat. The Okanagan Valley is home to Canada’s only semi-desert region.

“What about mosquitoes?” asked Fawn. “Are the mosquitoes out?”

“No Fawn,” said Spot. “There are no mosquitoes out now.”

“Good,” said Fawn. “It was pretty bad for mosquitoes for a bit there. Kind of reminded me of Ontario.”

For some reason, the mosquitoes this past summer were just terrible. They weren’t so bad once the really hot temperatures hit but just before that, they were really bad.

“What about  smoke?” asked Fawn. “Is there any smoke in the air?”

“No Fawn,” said Spot. “The forest fires have all pretty cleared up these days. There is no trace of smoke in the air at all.”

“Good,” said Fawn.

Because of the extreme heat from the summer months, forest fires were rampant across the whole province of British Columbia. With the forest fires, there was a lot of smoke hovering in the valley.  The smoke was so heavy at times that you could not see the mountains that were across the river and it was so thick that people were getting headaches and some days you could feel the smoke burning your lungs.

Fawn came outside and sat down because Spot. He noticed that it was really nice outside and he enjoyed the cool breeze that was blowing across the valley.

“Why couldn’t summer have been more like this?” asked Fawn.

“I don’t know,” said Spot. “But it definitely would have been nice.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to sit outside in September.
  • Example: Fawn and Spot sure enjoyed to September breeze when they sat outside.

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