Fun Halloween Night

Batty is getting ready for Halloween night. He wants to have fun on this Halloween night because the last one he did not have fun at all. Batty is a bat and unfortunately he does have a tendency to scare little children away. This Halloween he is going to dress up as a ghost.

Batty walked outside and saw his two neighbours, Sarah and Hazel. They were both very young. Sarah was 4 years old and Hazel was 3. They were the two girls that were scared of Batty last Halloween.

“Hi Sarah and Hazel,” said Batty, waving to the two young girls.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sarah and Hazel, when they saw Batty dressed up as a ghost.

“We know who is really under that costume,” said Hazel.

“Yes,” said Sarah. “Hi Batty.”

“How did you know it was me?” asked Batty, really disappointed.

“We can see right through that white sheet,” said Sarah.

“Okay wait right here,” said Batty.

Batty went back inside his den and he changed into a witches costume. A few minutes later he was standing outside with Sarah and Hazel again.

“Hi Batty,” said Sarah.

“How did you know that was me again?” asked Batty.

“You forgot to put your witches hat on your head,” said Hazel. “I can see your furry head.”

Batty brushed the top of his head and sure enough he didn’t have his witches hat on.

“Why don’t you just be yourself?” asked Hazel.

“Well I would have liked to,” said Batty. “However, I remember two little girls last year that were scared half out of their wits because I was dressed up as myself.”

“Batty,” said Sarah. “This is Halloween right?”

“Umm yes,” said Batty. “It is.”

“And what is Halloween all about?” asked Hazel.

“Dressing up in costumes to scare people,” said Batty.

“Exactly,” said Sarah. “And last year you proceeded to do that just fine.”

“So,” said Batty. “I am supposed to scare people for Halloween?”

“Yes,” said Hazel. “You are. That is what Halloween is all about.”

Batty took off his witches costume and when Sarah and Hazel saw Batty dressed up just as himself, they both screamed.

“Gee,” said Batty. “I guess I can still scare you this year.”

“Yes,” said Hazel. “You sure can.”

“That is why we like your original costume so much,” said Sarah.

From that Halloween on, Batty always dressed up as himself and he found he did have a lot of fun each Halloween.


Moral of this Story:

  • Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes and scaring people.
  • Example: Batty didn’t want to scare Sarah and Hazel so he dressed up in different costumes for this Halloween. However, Sarah and Hazel knew it was him.

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