The Lost Necklace

“I would be delighted to sell your house,” said Renee the Real Estate Agent. 

“Wonderful,” said Mrs. Smith. “I look forward to it.” 

“Are there any skeletons in the closets of your house that I should know of?” asked Renee. 

“Not a one,” said Mrs. Smith. “This house is squeaky clean.” 

“Are you sure?” asked Renee. “Every house has some skeletons.” 

“You can do your magic,” said Mrs. Smith. “But, as far as I know, there are no skeletons in these closets.” 

That evening, Renee did his some research on Mrs. Smith’s house and he found something very interesting going on. He went to Mrs. Smith’s house and told her what he found out. 

“It appears this house was once a guest house to a royal family back in the mid 1800’s,” explained Renee. 

“A royal family!” exclaimed Mrs. Smith. “That is intriguing.” 

“That isn’t the only thing I found out,” said Renee. “The royal family that lived here lost a very expensive and very rare necklace. It was a gift to the princess from her father. The necklace apparently slipped off her neck. She was too embarrassed to tell her father. Once her father figured out the necklace was missing, he came to this house and searched high and low for it. It was never found.” 

“I guess this house has rich skeletons in its closet,” said Mrs. Smith. 

Mrs. Smith told Renee to wait. She went upstairs and returned a few minutes later, with a handkerchief that was nicely folded. She handed it to Renee. Renee unfolded the handkerchief and inside of it was the most beautiful necklace he had ever seen. 

“Do you think this is it?” asked Mrs. Smith. 

“Quite possibly,” said Renee. “Where did you find it?” 

“I had the floor redone in the den,” said Mrs. Smith. “The contractors found it when they lifted up the floor boards.” 

Mrs. Smith took the necklace to have it appraised. It turned out it wasn’t the missing royal necklace. 

“Do you still want to sell your house?” asked Renee. 

“I think I will hold off for a bit,” said Mrs. Smith. “II have some skeletons in closets that need a good cleaning.” 


Moral of this Story:

  • Lots of houses have stories of their own to tell.
  • Example: Renee the Real Estate Agent researched Mrs. Smith’s house, only to find that there may be a lost necklace in her house, belonging to a royal family.

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