Father’s Day Fun

“I am going to have a nap,” said Daddy Parker. “I had a long week at work and I am tired.” 

“No Daddy!” cried Annie, Daddy Parker’s youngest daughter. “It is Father’s Day.” 

“Annie!” shouted Jason, the oldest son. ‘You are going to ruin everything.” 

“Don’t worry,” said Daddy Parker, stifling a yawn. “I won’t have a nap. Now, what are the big plans for Father’s Day?” 

“Sit down here in your chair,” said Annie. “We will be right back.” 

Jason, Annie and their baby brother, Jeremy disappeared and they were back in a few minutes. They all had costumes on. Jason was a king, Annie was a princess and Jeremy, well, he was just Jeremy. 

“Oh are you putting on a play for me?” asked Daddy Parker. 

“Yes,” said Annie. 

“It is for Father’s Day,” said Jason. 

“It is the first part of our Father’s Day celebration,” said Annie, grinning from ear to ear. 

The children put on a wonderful play and Daddy Parker thoroughly enjoyed it. 

“Okay,” said Delores, Daddy Parker’s wife, coming out of the kitchen. “Time for the second 

part of your Father’s Day celebration.” 

Daddy Parker and the children went into the kitchen. Daddy Parker was thrilled to see a huge plate of nachos sitting on the table. 

“My favourite!” exclaimed Daddy Parker. 

After eating a huge plate of nachos, Delores brought out a huge chocolate cake. She had decorated it herself. 

“This is beautiful,” said Daddy Parker, taking a huge slice. “This is the best Father’s Day, ever!” 

“We aren’t done yet,” said Delores, bringing an armload of gifts into the kitchen. 

“This is wonderful,” said Daddy Parker. “This is such a surprise.” 

“I bet you are glad you didn’t have a nap,” laughed Annie. 

“Definitely,” said Daddy Parker. 

“Happy Father’s Day!” the whole family shouted. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Father’s Day is a day to have fun with dad.
  • Example: Daddy Parker wanted to have a nap on Father’s Day but his family had other plans for him.

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