Beauty and the Aster

“Ew!” screamed Beauty, a beautiful flower growing in a mystical garden. “You have a spider on you and he is spinning his web too.” 

“I told the spider he could spin his web on me,” said Aster, a shriveled up aster that has long lost his beauty. “He is a very friendly spider. He won’t harm anyone.” 

“I suppose that makes sense,” said Beauty. “After all, you are all dried up and have lost your beauty so you have no purpose in life anymore.” 

“That isn’t a very nice thing for you to say,” said Aster. 

“But look at you,” said Beauty. “I am only speaking the truth. Look at how beautiful I am compared to you.” 

“You are just jealous,” said Aster. 

“Oh, please,” said Beauty. “Why would I be jealous?” 

“See, you may be beautiful,” said Aster. “But, I serve a purpose in life. I have allowed this spider to survive and have a nice home. Even though I am all dried up, I still serve a purpose to society. Besides your beauty, what do you contribute to society?” 

Beauty did not know what to say because as much as she didn’t want to admit it, she knew Aster was right. 


Moral of this Story:

  • Beauty isn’t everything.
  • Example: Beauty discovered that even though Aster had lost his beauty, he still served a purpose in life.

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