Bundle Up

“Hey Spot,” said Fawn. “See you later. I’m going outside to play.”

“Fawn!” exclaimed Spot. “It is really cold outside and I mean really, really cold. Make sure you bundle up. I don’t want to see you get sick.”

Fawn went outside and he realized that it was freezing cold and could not stand being outside for very long. The cold bit at his ears and his nose felt like it was going to fall right off. He went back inside and because Spot was vacuuming, he just went into his room and he fell asleep.

“Gee,” said Spot, about an hour later. “Fawn sure has been outside for a long time. I’d better go outside and see what he is doing.”

Spot was really worried about Fawn being outside for that long. It was bitterly cold outside. Spot went outside after she bundled up in two sweaters, her winter jacket, scarf, mittens, hat and winter boots.

“Fawn!” yelled Spot. “Where are you?”

Spot looked all over the place and she could not find Fawn anywhere.

“Oh where could he be,” said Spot desperately. “Fawn, where are you?”

Spot walked down toward the Hansen’s house and she couldn’t see Fawn anywhere. Mr. Hansen was down at the tractor shed so she started walking toward him. She didn’t see a piece of ice that was right in front of her and she tripped on it. She fell down pretty hard and she let out an ear piercing scream. Luckily, Mr. Hansen heard the scream and came running.

“Spot,” said Mr. Hansen, helping her to her feet. “What are you doing out here in this cold?”

“Looking for Fawn,” said Spot, embarrassed but glad that she wasn’t hurt.

“He’s in the barn,” said Mr. Hansen.

“No,” said Spot. “He went outside about an hour ago.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Hansen. “He did come outside and he only stayed out for a few minutes. I saw him go back into the barn.”

“Oh,” said Spot. “He must have come in while I was vacuuming.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Hansen. “That makes perfect sense. Now, little missy, you get yourself right back in the barn and stay out of the cold for the rest of the day.”

Spot did as Mr. Hansen told her and when she got into the barn, she saw Fawn standing in the hallway putting his winter coat on.

“Where are you going?” asked Spot.

“To find you,” said Fawn.

Spot just started laughing just as hard as she could.

“What is so funny?” asked Fawn.

Spot told Fawn all about her adventure outside trying to find him.

“Spot,” said Fawn, laughing too. “I think we’d better both just stay in for the rest of the day.”

“Good idea,” said Spot. “Good idea.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is a good idea to stay inside on a cold winter day.
  • Example: Fawn went outside and found it was too cold. He soon went back into the barn. Spot didn’t see him come in because she was vacuuming so she went to look for him.

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