Angry Leprechaun is Angry About the Rain

“It isn’t raining out,” said Tommy Leprechaun, looking out the kitchen window. “Is it?”

“Yes,” said Mother. “It is.”

“But it is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Tommy, angrily. “I didn’t want it to rain.”

Just then, Grand Old Leprechaun came into the kitchen and sat down.

“Tommy,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “Why the long face?”

“I am angry because of the rain,” said Tommy. “Today is St. Patrick Day. Why would it rain today of all days.”

“You have a lot to learn about being a leprechaun,” said Grand Old Leprechaun.

“What are you talking about?” asked Tommy. “I’m a good leprechaun.”

“Don’t get your gold in a tither,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “You are a fine leprechaun. I am talking about how leprechauns love rain on St. Patrick’s Day.”

“We do,” said Tommy.

“Yes,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “We do. It is something we dream about because rain on St. Patrick’s Day is the best form of luck for us.”

“So it is good luck for us?” asked Tommy.

“Yes,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “It is. The reason it is good luck is because after it rains, there will be a rainbow.”

“A rainbow!” exclaimed Tommy, suddenly understanding why rain is good luck. “We need rainbows so we can put our pots of gold at the end of them.”

“Exactly,” said Grand Old Leprechaun.

“I change my mind about rain on St. Patrick’s Day,” said Tommy.

“Good,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I am happy to hear that.”

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” exclaimed Tommy, happily.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is good luck for it to rain.
  • Example: Tommy Leprechaun figured out that it is good luck if it rains on St. Patrick’s Day because leprechauns need rain for their pots of gold.
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