Lucky, Lucky Shammy Rock

“Today is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Shammy Rock. “Yes it is,” said Andrew. “I think we are going to have a lucky, lucky St. Patrick’s Day,” said Shammy Rock. “That would be nice,” said Andrew. “Maybe we will find some leprechauns,” said Shammy Rock. “Leprechauns!” exclaimed Andrew. “I don’t believe in leprechauns.” “You don’t!” cried […] Read More

Meet Shammy Rock

Welcome to the Meet Shammy Rock page. Shammy Rock was once a lonely four-leaf clover sitting at the edge of a field in Quebec City, Quebec when one St. Patrick’s Day evening, a bright light flew by across the horizon. It was a meteorite and it brought Shammy Rock to life. The meteorite was also […] Read More

Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

It was very early on March 17, which was St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky Leprechaun woke up and was eating his breakfast. He heard a knock on the door. It was his friend, Hoppy Bunny. “Come have some breakfast with me,” said Lucky Leprechaun. “I already ate,” said Hoppy Bunny. “I had a nice big carrot.” […] Read More

Grand Old Leprechaun – Character Insight

Grand Old Leprechaun used to be a mean and nasty leprechaun just like all the other leprechauns in Storyland. That all changed the day his precious daughter, Annie Leprechaun was born. Grand Old Leprechaun could not be mean and nasty anymore after looking into Annie’s eyes for the very first time. Leprechauns in Storyland started […] Read More

Annie Leprechaun – Character Insight

When we think of leprechauns, we generally think of them as being mean and nasty little men dressed in green with a shamrock on their hats. We don’t usually think of female leprechauns so I thought it would be nice to create a female leprechaun. Annie Leprechaun is everything the male leprechauns aren’t. She is […] Read More

Meet Sally

Welcome to the Meet Sally page. Sally is a secondary character in Storyland. She lives in Gatineau, Quebec. She is friends with Storm Angel. Storm Angel loves storms. He has the ability to create them. Sometimes when he is angry, he will create massive storms. Sally tries to tell Storm Angel not to create the […] Read More

Meet Grand Old Leprechaun

Welcome to the Meet Grand Old Leprechaun page. Grand Old Leprechaun is a secondary character on the Storyland website. He appears in several of my St. Patrick Day stories and interacts with my three leprechaun characters, Angry Leprechaun, Annie Leprechaun and Lucky Leprechaun. Grand Old Leprechaun is the eldest leprechaun in Storyland. He is also […] Read More

Unlucky Uncle Ungus Finds a Four-Leaf Clover

“It is Friday the 13th,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus, staring at the date on his cell phone. “I expect this day to be as unlucky as every other Friday the 13th.” Unlucky Uncle Ungus went for a walk to the village. It was raining out. He wasn’t surprised that it was raining because after all, […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun Finds the Missing Gold

“Grand Old Leprechaun,” said Lucky Leprechaun, when he saw the upset look on his friends face. “What is wrong?” “The St. Patrick’s Day pots of gold are missing,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I am so upset. I must find them.” “When did you last see them?” asked Lucky. “This morning,” said Grand Old Leprechaun. “I […] Read More

Lucky Leprechaun and the Giant

“It is St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lucky Leprechaun to himself. “It is a beautiful day outside. I am going to go for a walk.” Lucky Leprechaun went for a walk in the forest. He saw his friend, Hoppy Bunny, who was also going for a walk. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lucky. “Same to you,” […] Read More