Spring Cleaning

“It is such a beautiful day,” said Mrs. Robin. “I can smell the fresh spring air.”

Mrs. Robin flew to her nest and fed her three babies. She noticed how messy the nest was and she thought it would be a good day to clean it.

“Okay children,” said Mrs. Robin. “After you are finished eating we are going to do some spring cleaning?”

The babies looked at each other and then looked at Mother. They didn’t know a thing about cleaning.

After the babies finished eating, Mother gave one baby the broom and she gave one the mop and the other the dust cloth.

Mother turned some music on. She found she always cleaned better while listening to music. She also liked to dance.

The babies loved this. They also loved to dance. Mother showed the babies how to dance while cleaning and they picked that up instantly.

“This is fun,” said one of the babies.

“It certainly is,” said another.

About an hour later, Mother and the babies were all finished cleaning. The babies were all exhausted. They had a nap while Mrs. Robin enjoyed the nice clean nest.


Moral of this Story:

  • Cleaning can be a fun chore.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin showed her babies a fun way to clean the nest.

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