Mrs. Robin and the Ant

It was a sunny morning. Mrs. Robin was flying around, looking for food for her three babies. She saw an ant walking along a fence. The ant was carrying a huge green leaf.  “Hello Ant,” said Mrs. Robin, landing on the first fence post. “I see you have a huge leaf that you are carrying.” […] Read More

Mrs. Robin and a Restful Mother’s Day

“It is Mother’s Day,” said Mrs. Robin, taking care of her three babies. “Oh well, I won’t have enough time to celebrate it. My three babies need me.” Mrs. Robin cleaned out the nest as well as she could without disturbing her babies. Then she flew down to the ground to find worms for them […] Read More

Sure Sign of Spring

Sure Sign of Spring … “It is spring,” said Mrs. Robin, who was down on the ground, collecting worms for her three babies. “However, it is still very cold out here.” It was getting harder for Mrs. Robin to even find worms because of the cold. Mrs. Robin wanted the warmer weather to come. She […] Read More

Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain

“I am so glad that spring is finally here,” said Mrs. Robin. “Now I can go and gather some worms for my babies.” Mrs. Robin flew down from her nest that she had built at the top of a very tall balsam poplar tree. She could hear her three babies crying. They were hungry. “It […] Read More

Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring

“I am so happy,” said Mrs. Tulip, waking up in the garden dirt from her long winter nap and stretching her leaves. “Spring is finally here. I can walk around the garden and stretch.” Mrs. Tulip was very happy about spring being there because it was a long winter. “I am going to go for […] Read More

Mrs. Robin’s Busy Summer

Mrs. Robin was cleaning up the nest after her three babies finished their breakfast. “Those babies of mine sure do make a mess,” said Mrs. Robin to herself. It took Mrs. Robin about an hour to clean the nest. After that she had to go find some worms for her babies for their lunch. “It […] Read More

Mrs. Robin Loves Being a Mother

“Today is Mother’s Day,” said Mrs. Robin to herself, waking up so she could enjoy the warm sunshine while her three babies were asleep. Mrs. Robin looked over at her babies in the nest. She felt a strong wave of pure love wash over her. “These three babies are my life,” said Mrs. Robin. “They […] Read More

Mrs. Robin and the Bumble Bee

It was a rather cool spring morning. Mrs. Robin was gathering worms for her three hungry babies. A bumble bee was flying around. “Good morning Mrs. Robin,” said the bumble bee. “Oh my!” exclaimed Mrs. Robin. “You frightened me.” “I am sorry,” said the bumble bee. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Mrs. Robin immediately […] Read More

Mrs. Robin and the Porcupine

It was a rainy spring day. Mrs. Robin had just finished feeding her three babies when she heard something rustling in the dried up leaves that covered the ground. She looked over the edge of the nest and was frightened when she saw a porcupine. “That porcupine could be a danger to me and my […] Read More

Mrs. Robin and the Skunk

“It is a beautiful spring morning,” thought Mrs. Robin to herself as she just finished feeding her three babies their breakfast. Mrs. Robin began cleaning out her nest when, all of a sudden, a terrible smell filled the air. “That smell is coming from a skunk!” exclaimed Mrs. Robin, holding her one wing over her […] Read More