Spring Happiness

“I am so happy are feeling better,” said Mrs. Robin, one spring morning, to her three babies. “I am so worn out, looking after the three of you.”

Mrs. Robin put her three babies down for a nap and then she went to go find some food for them. She saw Mrs. Tulip, so she stopped to talk to her.

“How are the babies this morning?” asked Mrs. Tulip.

“They are starting to feel better,” said Mrs. Robin.

“That is good to hear,” said Mrs. Tulip. “You look worn out. Why don’t I see if I can help you with the babies while you take a rest?”

“Oh, I can’t do that,” said Mrs. Robin. “I just have to find them some worms for lunch and then I will be able to rest.”

“Will these do?” asked Mrs. Tulip, lifting up one foot out of the garden soil she was standing in, to reveal three big juicy worms.

“That is perfect,” said Mrs. Robin. “Thank you. You have just made my day so made easier.”

“Glad to be of help,” said Mrs. Tulip.

Mrs. Robin took the worms home. Her babies enjoyed their food. They were so full that they had to have another nap.

Mrs. Robin was able to have a much needed nap as well. She felt so much better when she woke up.


Moral of this Story:

  • Happiness can be as simple as taking a nap.
  • Example: Mrs. Robin was worn out after looking after her three sick babies. She took a nap and felt so much better.

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