Mrs. Robin – Character Insight

In the lovely land of Canada, when the snow melts and flowers start to bloom, we know spring is here because we see a special bird – Mrs. Robin! She’s not just any bird; she’s a sign that warmer days are coming, and everyone, especially the little ones, love to see her.

Mrs. Robin has a cozy nest made of grass and squishy mud, way up high in a big tree called a balsam poplar. This tree is in a park near a place called Calgary, and it’s where Mrs. Robin keeps her little family safe and sound.

Every spring, Mrs. Robin has three little baby robins to take care of. She’s the best mommy, always making sure her babies are happy and healthy, even before she thinks about herself. She loves her babies more than anything in the world!

Mrs. Robin is super busy finding yummy worms for her hungry babies. They always seem to want more! She’s also their protector, keeping them safe from any danger, like sneaky predators or a big fall from their nest. She worries a lot, but that’s because she cares so much.

Mrs. Robin teaches her babies to be kind and respectful, not just to her but to each other and all the animals they meet. She works hard to raise them right, and she hopes they’ll always remember to be nice to everyone.

In Mrs. Robin’s world, everything is just perfect for her little ones. She doesn’t let them see anything scary because she wants them to have the happiest life, without any fear. She’s made a little paradise for them, right there in their treetop home.

What we know about Mrs. Robin so far:

  • Created on April 24, 2017.
  • Lives in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Has three babies to look after every spring.
  • A cherished symbol of the changing seasons, heralding the arrival of spring in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Constructs a cozy nest out of grass and mud, situated high in a balsam poplar tree, ensuring a safe haven for her family.
  • With unwavering devotion, Mrs. Robin prioritizes the well-being and happiness of her three baby robins above all else.
  • She tirelessly gathers food, particularly worms, to satisfy the insatiable appetites of her growing chicks.
  • Mrs. Robin is ever-watchful, protecting her brood from potential threats and the dangers of the natural world.
  • She instills in her young the importance of kindness, respect, and harmony among all creatures they encounter.
  • In her efforts to shield her babies from fear, Mrs. Robin has crafted a serene and joyful world within their treetop abode.
  • Favorite quote, “I will protect my babies, no matter what!” reflects her indomitable spirit and the depth of her maternal love.

List of Mrs. Robin’s Family Members:

  • Mrs. Robin’s babies – Every spring Mrs. Robin hatches three babies.


  • She enjoys the quiet of dawn when she can find the juiciest worms for her babies.
  • The melodies of her little ones’ chirps are music to her ears.
  • The beautiful colors of the sky at dawn and dusk are her favorite times of day.
  • A gentle rain is perfect for making the ground soft for easy worm-picking.
  • The rustling of leaves in her home tree, a balsam poplar, soothes her.


  • Sudden sounds can startle her and her babies.
  • The presence of cats or other predators nearby always puts her on edge.
  • Harsh winds and heavy rain make it difficult for her to care for her nest.
  • The thought of her babies growing up and leaving the nest one day is bittersweet.
  • Clean air and environment are crucial for her and her family’s health.

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