Caveman Jack’s Bright Christmas Star

When baby Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem, there were actually four wisemen, not three. The fourth wiseman lived in a cave, far away from Bethlehem. The fourth wiseman was Caveman Jack.

“Oh look at the bright star in the sky,” said Caveman Jack to his Mother, who was busy stoking the fire in the fire pit.

“What star?” asked Mother, thinking it a little strange to have a bright star in the sky in the middle of the day.

“That one,” pointed Caveman Jack.

“Oh dear,” said Mother, frustrated. “Caveman Jack that is the star we’ve all been waiting for. That star indicates there is a saviour born in Bethlehem.”

“Bethlehem,” said Caveman Jack. “Where is Bethlehem?”

“Bethlehem is far, far away,” said Mother. “In another land on the other side of the world.”

“Oh,” said Caveman Jack. “But who is this savior that is born?”

“This savior is the sweet baby Jesus,” said Mother. “He is born of Mary, a virgin.”

“Well,” said Caveman Jack. “A birth like this should be celebrated all over the world then shouldn’t it.”

“Oh yes,” said Mother, already laying her best fur and jewels on the bed in her room. “We must celebrate this birth. We also need to bring this baby a gift.”

“Okay,” said Caveman Jack. “However, you did say that this baby is on the other side of the world right?”

“Yes,” said Mother. “He is and there will be three wisemen bearing gifts to him this evening. A fourth wiseman is to show up in one week with the greatest gift of all, peace. Son, you are to be the fourth wiseman and you are to show the baby Jesus the peace in your heart.”

“I don’t get it,” said Caveman Jack. “What peace in my heart?”

“Son,” said Mother. “All of the cavemen that live on this side of the world have something different that any other nation. That something different is peace. See, we live in peace in our caves. We may lead a simple life but it is the most peaceful.”

“I see,” said Caveman Jack. “I can show baby Jesus the peace in my heart.”

After the cavemen held their celebration on the birth of the savior, Caveman Jack headed out on his journey across the ocean to Bethlehem. One week later, he stood in front of the cradle looking down at baby Jesus and he saw a warm smile coming from the baby. He knew that baby Jesus had seen the peace in his heart. Caveman Jack went back to his land and his people kept peace in their hearts for eternity.

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