A Nice Winter Day

Mr. Winter stepped outside to grab the morning paper. He noticed it was very chilly outside.

“I remember why it is so chilly outside,” said Mr. Winter to himself, taking his newspaper into the house. “My neighbour, Mr. Smith left that big pile of snow in my driveway. I remember that I was very angry at him for leaving it there, so I turned the winter thermometer way down. I do think I did put it down too low though.”

Mr. Winter is in charge of the winter weather in Storyland. When he is in a good mood, he will have the thermometer set at a normal winter temperature. When he is in a bad mood though, watch out. Everyone will see a drop in the temperature.

“I think I will go turn the temperature up a little,” said Mr. Winter. “I am in a pretty good mood right now.”

Mr. Winter turned the thermometer up from -20 degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius. When he got home, he noticed his neighbour was cleaning up the snow that was on Mr. Winter’s driveway. That made Mr. Winter even happier.

“I think I will turn the thermometer up even more,” said Mr. Winter.

“That would be great,” said Mr. Smith. “I am sorry about the snow on your driveway. I had hired a new guy to look after it but, he got a bit mixed up on his first day.”

“No worries,” said Mr. Winter. “It is taken care of now.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We should stop focusing on the little issues in life.
  • Example: Mr. Winter was angry that his neighbour had left snow on his driveway.

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