An Icy Sort of Day

Mr. Iceman was outside, going for a walk on a cold winter day. He felt the urge to make ice but he knew he wasn’t supposed to.

“Maybe I can make some ice in a place nobody goes to,” thought Mr. Iceman.

Mr. Iceman continued walking along. He saw an abandoned field, or at least he thought it was.

“This is perfect,” said Mr. Iceman, making ice on the field as he walked along. “I love making ice. It is my favourite thing to do.”

Mr. Iceman knew he wasn’t allowed to make ice just anywhere. He knew people could fall and hurt themselves. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

“I know I can make ice at the arena and at the park for kids but sometimes that just isn’t enough,” said Mr. Iceman, making ice all over the field.

Mr. Iceman just finished making ice on the field, when he saw an elderly man and woman walking toward him and the ice.

“Hello,” said the elderly man. “My wife and I are looking for a place we can take some pictures. This field looks like the perfect place.”

“I don’t think it is such a perfect place,” said Mr. Iceman.

“Why not?” asked the elderly woman, taking a tripod out of her backpack and walking onto the ice.

“I just finished icings this field,” said Mr. Iceman. “I don’t want you to fall on it.”

“I have heard of you,” said the elderly man. “You are the guy that makes ice with his feet.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Iceman. “That is me. My name is Mr. Iceman.”

“It is nice to meet you,” said the elderly woman. “My name is Hazel and this is my husband, George.”

“It is nice to meet you as well,” said Mr. Iceman.

“I have an idea,” said George. “How about you let us photograph you and your ice?”

“That would be wonderful,” said Mr. Iceman.

Mr. Iceman was thrilled that George and Hazel wanted to photograph him. It was an honour to him.

“Who knows,” said Hazel. “Maybe our photographs will give people a new appreciation and respect for the ice you make.”

Mr. Iceman had a lot of fun in his photoshoot with George and Hazel. A few days later, after George uploaded the photographs of Mr. Iceman to social media, Mr. Iceman had people ask him if he could make an ice rink in their backyard for their children. Mr. Iceman was so busy that he was able to stay out of trouble and not make ice where it shouldn’t be made.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be careful when you are around ice.
  • Example: Mr. Iceman wanted to make ice but he knew he shouldn’t make ice in spots where people could get hurt.

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