Ugly Sally Tricks Julia

“Come to my house tonight around 8,” said Ugly Sally to her best friend, Julia.

“I thought we were going trick-or-treating,” said Julia.

“I am going to have a Halloween party,” said Ugly Sally.

“Oh,” said Julia. “That sounds like fun. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I could have made some treats.”

“I meant to,” said Ugly Sally. “I just forgot. Don’t worry about treats. Mother is making a bunch of stuff for us.”

“Is she going to make her famous fudge?” asked Julia.

“I sure hope so,” said Ugly dally. “I know she is making some candy apples.”

“I love candy apples,” said Julia.

“Me too,” said Ugly Sally.

“Okay,” said Julia. “I will see you at 8.”

Ugly Sally walked home. She had a lot to do before the party. She helped Mother in the kitchen. Then she went upstairs to shower and change. Just before 8 o’clock, Ugly Sally went around the house and turned all the lights out.

“What are you doing?” asked Father. “I thought Julia was coming over.”

“She is,” said Ugly Sally. “I wanted to trick her. Look, here she comes.”

Julia walked up the walkway. She thought it strange that all the lights were out. She walked up to the front porch and rang the doorbell.

“Don’ t answer it,” whispered Ugly Sally to Father, who was heading to the front door.

“This kind of trick could backfire on you,” said Father. “What if Julia turns around and goes home because she thinks we aren’t home.”

“I never thought of that,” said Ugly Sally.

Ugly Sally turned the lights on and opened the front door. Julia wasn’t there.

“Oh no!” cried Ugly Sally. “My trick did backfire. Julia is gone.”

“Look who I found at the back door,” said Mother, leading Julia into the living room.

“Oh you are here!” exclaimed Ugly Sally. “I am sorry for trying to trick you.”

“So that is what you were trying to do,” said Julia. “I saw there were no lights on. I was just going to go home but I thought I would try the back door first.”

“Good thinking,” said Ugly Sally, giving Julia a hug. “I am glad you are here. I guess my trick almost backfired on me.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Be careful playing tricks on people. Your tricks might backfire on you.
  • Example: Ugly Sally turned out all the lights to play a trick on Julia but Julia almost went home thinking she wasn’t at home.
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