Ugly Sally and the Ugly Pumpkin

“It is Halloween today,” said Ugly Sally. “We still need to get a pumpkin.”

“Yes,” said Father. “Let’s go to the pumpkin patch right after breakfast. I would imagine the pumpkin patch will be very busy today.”

“I bet it will be,” said Ugly Sally. “I bet all the good pumpkins will be taken.”

“I am sure we can find one good one,” said Father.

“I hope so,” said Ugly Sally.

Right after breakfast, Ugly Sally and Father arrived at the pumpkin patch. The parking lot was full already. Luckily someone was just pulling out so they were able to get a spot.

“There isn’t much to choose from,” said Father. “It looks like all the good ones have been picked.”

“Wait,” said Ugly Sally, spotting a pumpkin at the far end of the field. “What about that one?”

Ugly Sally and Father walked to the far end of the field.

“That is the ugliest pumpkin I have ever seen,” said Father.

“It is ugly,” said Ugly Sally, holding the pumpkin up to her face. “It is just like me.”

“Now, now,” said Father. “It is nothing like you. You aren’t ugly.”

“Thank you Father,” said Ugly Sally. “But you don’t have to look at me in the mirror every day.”

“I do look at you from across the breakfast table,” said Father. “When I come home from work, when we have our talks at the dinner table and what I see is pure beauty.”

“Really,” said Ugly Sally.

“Yes really,” said Father. “Now, put that pumpkin down. We will find a better one.”

“If you don’t mind,” said Ugly Sally. “This pumpkin needs a home for Halloween too. If we don’t take him, he will end up rotting here.”

“Okay,” said Father, thinking back to the day when he found Ugly Sally in a crib all alone when her parents died and what would have happened to her if he hadn’t have taken her home. “We will take that one.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We need to pick through the beautiful things in life and give the less beautiful things a chance.
  • Example: Ugly Sally picked the ugliest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.


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