Ugly Sally and the Ugly Pumpkin

“It is Halloween today,” said Ugly Sally. “We still need to get a pumpkin.” “Yes,” said Father. “Let’s go to the pumpkin patch right after breakfast. I would imagine the pumpkin patch will be very busy today.” “I bet it will be,” said Ugly Sally. “I bet all the good pumpkins will be taken.” “I […] Read More

Angry Baker is Thankful for Melissa

It was the week before the Thanksgiving weekend in Calgary, Alberta. Angry Baker was in his bakery trying to keep up with the many orders he had to prepare. His fiancée, Melissa, was helping him. Angry Baker was thankful for Melissa because he really needed her help.  “I really appreciate you helping me out,” said […] Read More

Pumpkin Fairy and the Pumpkin Bugs

Pumpkin Fairy was in the pumpkin patch taking a good look at the pumpkins. She needed to make sure the pumpkins were healthy. “Help!” Pumpkin Fairy heard someone scream. She looked up and saw Farmer John, her neighbour, running through the pumpkin patch, waiving her arms in the air. “Pumpkin bugs!” screamed Farmer John. “They […] Read More

Pumpkin Fairy

Pumpkin Fairy was a sweet, innocent fairy that was in charge of the largest pumpkin patch in the northern section of the county. She was pretty easy-going but the one thing she did not like was when someone lied to her. Pumpkin Fairy demanded the truth and would not give up until the truth was […] Read More

Pumpkin Cookies

It was a cool autumn morning. Angry Baker had just got to the bake shop. He wanted to get an early start on the baking he had to do for the day. He decided he would make a batch of cookies first. Angry Baker wasn’t sure what kind of cookies he was going to make […] Read More

Pumpkins and Ghosts

Little Marty was playing outside. It was a cool autumn day. He thought he heard voices coming from the field beside him. He looked over to the field but all he could see was a pumpkin patch. He walked carefully over to the pumpkins and the voices got louder. “Who is talking?” asked Marty. “It […] Read More

Pumpkin Patch

“We must go to the pumpkin patch to pick out our Halloween pumpkin,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Halloween is tomorrow.” “We could go right now,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I have nothing planned for this morning.” Poor Mountain Mother grabbed her coat and her and Poor Mountain Father walked down the laneway to their pumpkin […] Read More

Me and My Pumpkin

Grandpa and Stacey were carving the Halloween pumpkin together. Grandpa’s mind went back to a time when he was younger, much younger, when he was standing beside his Grandpa, carving the Halloween pumpkin. “You know Stacey,” said Grandpa. “I remember standing beside my Grandpa carving our Halloween pumpkin.” “You do?” asked Stacey. “Yes,” said Grandpa. […] Read More

Poor Mountain Family’s Halloween Celebration

“I think this year for Halloween we should have some fun with the children,” said Poor Mountain Father, after the Poor Mountain children and left for school. “Like what kind of fun?” asked Poor Mountain Mother. “Well,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It is really difficult for the children to go trick-or-treating here in the mountains […] Read More

Poor Mountain Family’s Pumpkins

“Look at all the big orange things growing out in the field,” said Poor Mountain Sister, pointing to the field on the west side of the family’s log cabin. “Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Aren’t they beautiful!” “Well yes they are,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “But, what are they and where did they come from?” […] Read More