Angry Baker and the Pumpkin Pie Contest

“What is that heavenly aroma I smell in here?” asked Melissa, coming into the bakery one evening after work. “It smells like pumpkin and spices.”

“It is pumpkin,” said Angry Baker, giving Melissa a kiss and a hug. “The city is holding a pumpkin pie contest. The grand prize is five hundred dollars. If I won that, then I can buy that new oven I have been wanting.”

“Yes,” said Melissa. “That would be nice. I am also going to enter the contest too.”

“By all means,” said Angry Baker. “I think you should.”

“You won’t be angry if I do?” asked Melissa.

“No,” said Angry Baker. “I won’t be angry. You have a right to enter the contest.”

“Okay,” said Melissa. “Then it is settled. I am going to enter the pumpkin pie contest.”

“Wonderful,” said Angry Baker.

Both Melissa and Angry Baker worked hard on perfecting their pumpkin pie recipes until each one thought that their pie was the best.

“I am ready to submit my pumpkin pie,” said Melissa.

Angry Baker added some chocolate sprinkles to the top of his and declared that his pie was ready as well.

Melissa and Angry Baker took their pies to the town hall. They set their pies on the judging table and looked around at the other pies that were ready to be judged.

“They all look so good,” said Melissa.

“Yes,” said Angry Baker. “They do.”

“I think I am going to withdraw mine,” said Melissa. “Mine doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as the rest of them. You even added chocolate sprinkles to the top of yours. I will never win this contest.”

“Just leave it,” said Angry Baker.

“No,” said Melissa, walking toward the table where she had set her pie. “I am going to withdraw it. It will never win. It is just an old fashioned pumpkin pie. There is nothing special about it.”

Melissa was about to take her pie off the table when one of the judges stopped her.

“I want to withdraw my entry,” explained Melissa.

“Once a pie has been placed on the judging table,” said the judge. “You can’t remove it.”

Melissa was disappointed the she couldn’t remove it but she knew she wasn’t going to win. She decided she wasn’t going to stick around to hear who won. Angry Baker decided he would leave too.

“Why are you so insecure about your pie?” asked Angry Baker, once they got back to the bakery.

“I just don’t think that anything I do is good enough,” said Melissa.

“I don’t believe this,” yelled Angry Baker. “Why do you say that? Why are you feeling so sorry for yourself?”

Melissa started to cry. She didn’t think that Angry Baker was going to get so angry at her. She was also upset at herself for being so insecure.

“I am sorry for yelling at you,” said Angry Baker, trying to console her. “I just don’t know where these insecurities are coming from. You are a very beautiful and creative woman. You should never doubt anything you do.”

Melissa felt better with those words and she was able to open up to Angry Baker about why she was so insecure. When she was younger, she was bullied in school.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Angry Baker, giving Melissa a big hug. “I had no idea. I am so sorry.”

“Thank you,” said Melissa. “I do feel better now that I have told you about it.”

About ten minutes later, Melissa’s phone rang. It was the judge. They wanted to inform her that she had won first place.

“I won!” she cried. “I can’t believe it. The judge said my old fashioned pumpkin pie was exactly what they were looking for.”

“I am so proud of you,” said Angry Baker.

Angry Baker received a phone call from the judge as well. He won second prize.

“Congratulations,” said Melissa.

“Thank you,” said Angry Baker.

“Will you have enough to buy that new oven that you wanted?” asked Melissa. “If not, I can lend you some.”

“I appreciate your offer,” said Angry Baker. “However, I have some money saved up so with my second prize winnings, I will have more than enough.”

Melissa and Angry Baker were so happy that they had won and winning first prize did a lot to boost Melissa’s confidence.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes old fashioned recipes are the best.
  • Example: Melissa won first prize in the pumpkin pie contest with her old fashioned recipe.

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