Poor Mountain Family’s Pumpkins

“Look at all the big orange things growing out in the field,” said Poor Mountain Sister, pointing to the field on the west side of the family’s log cabin.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Aren’t they beautiful!”

“Well yes they are,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “But, what are they and where did they come from?”

“They are pumpkins,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “And I grew them with my own bare hands.”

“Wow,” said Poor Mountain Sister, running ahead of Poor Mountain Mother to take a closer look. “There must be at least a hundred of them.”

“What is all the commotion all about?” said Poor Mountain Father, coming out of the barn.

“Pumpkins,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Pumpkins!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father. “But where did they come from?”

“Poor Mountain Mother grew them,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Really,” said Poor Mountain Father, taking a good look at the big orange pumpkins in the field.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “I saved the seeds from our last year’s Halloween pumpkin and I planted them this spring.”

“That is amazing,” said Poor Mountain Father. “There must be at least a hundred of them here.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “There are about a hundred of them.”

“Gee,” said Poor Mountain Brother, coming out of the log cabin. “What is everyone doing in the west field?”

“Come and see all the pumpkins,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Wow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Brother, when he saw all the pumpkins. “We could be rich!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “If we sold those pumpkins for $5 each we could have $500.”

“That is a wonderful idea,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “That is a good idea.”

That weekend the Poor Mountain Family took all of the pumpkins except for a few and went off to the market to sell them. After the sale the Poor Mountain Family were about $500 richer. Poor Mountain Mother handed each of the children a shiny twoonie, which is a Canadian $2.00 coin.

“Wow!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Brother and Sister at the exact same moment.

“What are you going to do with your twoonie?” asked Poor Mountain Father.

“I’m saving mine,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Me too,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

Poor Mountain Sister and Brother had never had any money of their very own and they didn’t want to spend it because then they wouldn’t have it any longer.

“It is just like giving them a million dollars,” said Poor Mountain Father, one night by the fire in the living room.

“I guess they just want to cherish it,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “After all, it is not like they will have the opportunity to get too many more twoonies.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Poor Mountain Father. “We aren’t going to be poor any longer. We are going to grow more and more pumpkins each and every year.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Hard work always pays off in the end.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Mother worked hard to grow over a hundred pumpkins. It was an opportunity for the family to have a little extra money in their pockets.

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