Creepy Crawlers

“Mom!” screamed Sarah, as loud as she could. “Justin says he has creepy crawlers in his room.”

“Justin,” said Mother, coming into Justin’s bedroom. “How can you be so mean to your little sister?”

“I’m not being mean to her,” said Justin. “I really do have creepy crawlers in here.”

Justin pointed to a cardboard box that was sitting on the night stand beside his bed.

“They’re in there,” said Sarah, also pointing at the box.

“What kind of creepy crawlers are in there?” asked Mother.

“Purple spiders and blue ants,” said Justin.

“This I have to see,” said Mother.

Mother went over to the table and picked up the box and just as she went to take the lid off it, the box fell to the floor.

Mother jumped ten feet in the air. Sarah screamed as loudly as she could. Justin laughed at the two of them.

“What is so funny?” asked Mother angrily.

“You two,” Justin laughed even louder. “You two are taking a fit over nothing.”

“This is not nothing!” yelled Mother, holding the empty box in her hand.

“Now there are creepy crawlers everywhere,” yelled Sarah, putting her hands on her hips.

“They are only plastic,” said Justin, bending over to pick one up from the floor.

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