Arrow’s Escape

One afternoon, Mommy came home from shopping. She brought the bags of groceries into the house and set them on the table.

‘Gee,” said Mommy, putting the groceries away. ”Arrow did not greet me when I came home.”

Every single time that Mommy came home, Arrow would come out and roll around the floor, waiting for a pat on the head.

“Arrow!” Mommy called. “Where are you?”

Mommy called and called and Arrow did not come. She was getting very worried about him. It just wasn’t right. Normally cats do not come when they are called but Arrow usually does.

Mommy went around the whole inside of the house, calling Arrow and searching in and around everything she could find. Arrow was nowhere to be found. While she continued looking for him she had this awful gut instinct that Arrow was gone and that she was never going to see him again.

As the day went by, Mommy was getting pretty depressed. It got to the point that she could not even look at Arrow’s picture that she had of him.

Arrow meant the world to Mommy. She had gotten him as a tiny kitten. Arrow came to Mommy at a very painful time. It was at a time when she could not walk. Arrow was like her inspiration to get up and walk. He had to be fed and he was so small that he had to be carried to his litter box.

Mommy was just so sad that Arrow was missing that she forgot to eat anything that day. Whenever anyone mentioned his name to her, she just started to cry. All she thought about was how empty her life was going to be without her precious kitten, Arrow.

It was starting to get dark and all Mommy could think about was Arrow’s safety. She hoped he was okay. She had visions of Arrow being hit by a car or being hurt or lying hurt in a ditch somewhere. Tears were running down her face. She pretty much had given up on ever seeing Arrow again.

A few minutes later, Mommy’s friends went outside. They were calling Arrow. All of a sudden, Mommy heard her friend talking and it sounded like she was talking to Arrow. Mommy got up and looked outside. Arrow was outside, sitting in a grassy area beside the house.

Mommy ran out in her sock feet and picked Arrow up. She hugged him as tightly as she could. Mommy was so happy and relieved to have Arrow back.

The next morning, Mommy woke up and smiled when she saw Arrow sleeping in his usual spot, on the pillow, curled up on Mommy’s head.

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