Mother’s Day Dance

“There is a dance this Mother’s Day,” said Billy Troll’s Mother.

“Nice,” said Billy.

“I’d like to know if you and Dianne could come,” said Mother.

“I can’t promise anything,” said Billy. ”Dianne has been planning a Mother’s Day concert.”

“Has she got the location figured out yet?” asked Billy’s Mother.

“No,” said Billy. “She doesn’t.”

“Well,” said Billy’s Mother. “The dance hall is looking for a band for Mother’s Day. I hear the pay is really good.”

“You are determined to get me to that dance,” laughed Billy.

“It would be fun,” said Mother.

“I have a feeling that I will be going after all,” said Billy. “Especially if Dianne knows the dance hall is available.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “The dance hall would be perfect for the concert.”

“Guess what?” Dianne asked Billy, excitedly when he got home. “I have found the perfect place to hold the Mother’s Day concert.”

“You booked me to play at the Mother’s Day dance,” Billy said.

“How did you know?” asked Dianne. “It was supposed to be a secret.”

“My mother,” said Billy, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes it is hard to keep secrets.
  • Example: Dianne was excited to tell Billy about where the Mother’s Day concert was going to be held but he already knew about it.
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