Roses for Mother’s Day

“What should I get Mother for Mother’s Day?” asked Silly Snake to himself, while walking through the forest.

Silly Snake didn’t have much money but he did see a man selling roses on the street corner. He knew his Mother loved roses. She grows one specific kind of rose in her garden each year and she is the only one that can grow them within the community.

“I will sell you this rose bush cheap,” said the man.

Silly Snake bought it and he then proceeded to his Mother’s house.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Silly Snake walking up the laneway, carrying the rose bush.

Mother squealed when she saw what Silly Snake had in his hands.

“My missing rose bush,” she cried.

“Missing?” Silly Snake asked.

Mother explained to Silly Snake that someone had dug her prized rose bush right out of her garden the night before.

“How did you find it?” asked Mother.

“I didn’t actually find it,” said Silly Snake. “There was a man in the forest selling it cheap and seeing that it is Mother’s Day and knowing how much you like roses, I bought it for you.”

“Oh,” cried Mother. “This is the best Mother’s Day ever.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always do something nice for your Mother.
  • Example: Silly Snake knew his mother liked roses so he bought her a rose bush. It was actually her rose bush to begin with but Silly Snake didn’t know hers was missing.

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