Racum Raccoon – Christmas Story

“I can’t believe I am here!” exclaimed Racum Raccoon. “I can ‘t believe I am spending Christmas at the Christmas Building. “This is going to be the best Christmas ever!”

“It is our pleasure to have you here,” said Lost Christmas Tree, smiling at how excited Racum Raccoon was. “We do hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday. I am having a problem with Christmas this year. I feel Christmas is lost to me. I have gifts for all the residents in the Christmas Building but I don’t feel right handing them out. I feel that some of the Storyland characters don’t know the meaning of Christmas and have not done any good deeds this past year. What does Christmas mean to you and what good deed have you done?”

“Christmas, to me, is about giving,” said Racum Raccoon. “Sure, I enjoy receiving gifts at Christmas. Who doesn’t? However, I have found that I get more joy out of giving. When I see the looks on the faces of my friends, when they open the gifts I give them, it is pure joy and gratification. When I give my friends a gift, I always give them something they will use. My friends are all animals so, they don’t have much to begin with. As a good deed, I help my friends with their homework and offer them free study sessions.”

“You have such a kind heart and soul,” said Lost Christmas Tree, handing Racum his Christmas gifts. “Merry Christmas!”

“Thank you,” said Racum. “Merry Christmas to you too!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is better to give than to receive at Christmas.
  • Example: Racum Raccoon found out that he gets more joy out of giving than receiving at Christmas.

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