A Rat of a Golden Egg

Golden Christmas Goose laid a golden egg in a field of snow. She had just come from visiting her mother. On the Christmas Eve she was hatched, her siblings rejected her because of her golden colour. Her mother made a very difficult decision and let Golden Christmas Goose live with Santa Claus in the North Pole. Golden Christmas Goose visits her mother every Christmas Eve. She also lays golden eggs and whoever finds them has good luck.

“Somebody will have good luck,” said Golden Christmas Goose, continuing on her way.

Rat Boy was walking through a field on his way home from playing with his friends. He spotted something shiny and golden laying in the show. He picked it up and examined it.

“I have found the golden egg,” said Rat Boy. “This will give me good luck. This is the golden egg that the Golden Christmas Goose laid.”

Rat Boy took the golden egg and walked to the mall. He bought a ton of Christmas gifts for his sister, Cecilia and his parents.

“Where did you get the money for all these gifts?” asked Cecilia, when she saw her brother

bringing a ton of parcels into his bedroom. “Did you steal them?”

“Its none of your business,” said Rat Boy.

Cecilia was concerned about her brother. She told her parents about the gifts Rat Boy had.

“Oh, I hope he didn’t do anything bad,” said Mother, concerned. “I will go talk to him.”

Mother spoke to Rat Boy about the gifts Cecilia saw him with.

“She ratted me out,” said Rat Boy. “I was going to want until tomorrow morning, Christmas morning, to tell you what I found. I found the golden egg that Golden Christmas Goose laid.”

“Oh my!” cried Mother. “I am sorry for doubting you. Do you realize that egg is worth millions? You are rich.”

“No,” said Rat Boy, handing his Mother the golden egg. “We are rich! Merry Christmas, Mother!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to know all the circumstances of a situation before you rat someone out.
  • Example: Cecilia, ratted out her brother, Rat Boy, to their parents because he bought a whole bunch of Christmas gifts.

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