Slow-Poke’s Halloween

Slow-Poke was a little black duck who lived on a farm in Oshawa, Ontario. As you probably have already guessed, Slow-Poke was very slow.

“Come on Slow-Poke!” his barnyard friends would scream at him. “We don’t want to be late for school. Mrs. Cluck will have our heads. You know how she doesn’t like it when we are late.”

“I’m coming,” replied Slow-Poke, very slowly. “I’m coming.”

Slow-Poke waddled along as fast as he could go but that just wasn’t fast enough for his friends. They all hurried off and left poor Slow-Poke behind. He was almost an hour late for school, when he finally waddled into the classroom.

“Good morning Mrs. Cluck,” quacked Slow-Poke. “I’m sorry I was late.”

“Slow-Poke, you are going to have to try much harder to get to class on time,” Mrs. Cluck scolded.

“Yes Mrs. Cluck,” replied Slow-Poke with his head hung down. “I’ll try.”

“Slow-Poke go and sit down now,” Mrs. Cluck said. “Now, boys and girls, as you know, Halloween is coming up soon. I thought that this year, we would have a Halloween dance. I want each of you to make your own costumes, too.”

“This is going to be so much fun!” exclaimed Myrtle Goat, who sat in front of Slow-Poke. “Hey, Slow-Poke, do you think that you will be able to make the Halloween party on time?”

Everyone started to laugh at poor Slow-Poke and he began to cry.

“Class! Class!” Mrs. Cluck shouted. “That is enough. Slow-Poke, I would like to see you after class.”

At three o’clock, the school bell rang. Slow-Poke stayed behind while all the other animals were allowed to go home.

“Slow-Poke,” Mrs. Cluck said softly. “I know how much you are looking forward to going to the Halloween dance and I sure would not like for you to be late. I have a suggestion that may just get you to our dance on time.”

“What!” Slow-Poke cried. “What could ever get me the Halloween dance on time?”

“All you would have to do,” explained Mrs. Cluck. “Is to leave home a bit earlier than usual.”

“Well,” Slow-Poke said thoughtfully. “I bet that would work.”

Slow-Poke busied himself all that evening, after school, making his Halloween costume. He decided that he was going to be Super Duck.

Slow-Poke knew he couldn’t be late for the Halloween dance. He didn’t want to miss out on all the fun and he didn’t want his friends to tease him anymore either. That night, Slow-Poke had a very restful sleep. He awoke the next morning all excited about the upcoming dance. In fact, Slow-Poke was so excited, he even managed to leave a little bit earlier to get to school. He happened to be the first one in the school yard that next morning. The other animals were surprised and amazed to see Slow-Poke already in the school yard.

“Wow!” said Chester Cow. “What’s gotten into Slow-Poke. He actually beat us all to school this morning.”

“I’m not sure,” replied Donny Donkey. “I just don’t know what to make of it.”

Friday night came and Slow-Poke gobbled his dinner as quickly as he could. He knew he would have to leave early to get to the dance on time. Slow-Poke looked fabulous all dressed up in his black cape and mask. He was the first one to show up at the dance. He had so much fun that night. He won a prize for being the first one through the door and he also won a prize for having the best costume.

“Well,” replied Sally Swan on Monday morning in the school yard. “I suppose we had better not call Slow-Poke a slow-poke anymore. We’ll have to call him Super Duck, now.”

Everyone in the yard cheered for their friend who just happened to be the first pupil to enter the classroom that morning.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to tease your friend.
  • Example: Slow-Poke’s friends teased him because he was always late but with the help of his school teacher, he figured out a way to be on time.

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