An Angry Snowman

Slushy Snowman stood outside the home he was built at in Quebec City, Quebec. He watched as people drove home from work and school. He watched as women entered their houses, turned their kitchen light on and opened their refrigerators, deciding on what to make their families for dinner. He watched as men grabbed the remote for the television and the evening newspaper and settled in for the evening.

The sun started to go down and it was getting dark. Slushy Snowman, felt the wind on his back and it was very chilly. It was so chilly that he shivered.

“I am so angry about the wind making me shiver,” yelled Slushy Snowman, taking an angry fit.

“Why are you taking an angry fit?” asked Slushy Snowman’s friend and creator, Stacey.

“I am angry at the wind,” said Slushy Snowman. “It made me shiver.”

“You do know that you are a snowman?” asked Stacey.

“Yes,” said Slushy Snowman. “I do.”

“Snowmen are supposed to like cold weather,” said Stacey. “They are made from the cold weather.”

“You should have made me in warm weather,” said Slushy Snowman.

“Then you wouldn’t be a snowman,” said Stacey. “Now stop being angry because you are just turning yourself into a pile of slush.”

Slushy Snowman looked down and sure enough, Stacey was right. His bottom section was sitting in a pile of slush.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t good to get angry at things you can’t control.
  • Example: Slushy Snowman was angry because a cold wind made him shiver.

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