A Slushy Mushy Snowman

Slushy Snowman stood outside on a freezing cold winter day in Quebec City, Quebec. He saw the lights come on in the kitchen of his friend, Stacey’s house. He saw Stacey’s sister and mother get into their van and leave.

“Where is Stacey?” asked Slushy Snowman to himself. “She always leaves with her sister and mother. She also always comes to see me before she leaves. This isn’t right. Something is wrong.”

Slushy Snowman thought and thought. He thought about how much he wanted to see Stacey. He thought about how much he missed her. He thought about how if it weren’t for Stacey, he wouldn’t exist because she was the one that built him.

The more Slushy Snowman thought about Stacey not coming to see him, the angrier he got.

“Why?” he screamed. “Why didn’t she come to see me?”

Slushy Snowman got so worked up and so angry that he started to heat up. He could feel himself getting slushy.

Stacey finally did come to see Slushy Snowman and he was so happy.

“I am sorry,” said Stacey. “I wanted to come see you but I have been sick all day.”

Slushy Snowman was so happy, he started to cry.

“I have a middle name for you,” said Stacey. “Your name is now Slushy Mushy Snowman.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We have to stop getting so angry that we start to heat up.
  • Example: Slushy Snowman became so angry that Stacey didn’t come see him that he started to heat up and then became slushy.

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