Too Many Clocks

“Fawn,” said Spot, early that morning before leaving to go help out at the neighbours. “Don’t forget to meet me at the gate at seven tonight. I don’t want to walk home alone.”

“Oh don’t worry,” said Fawn. “I won’t let you walk alone, especially after the stories we’ve been hearing about grizzly bears in the woods.”

Fawn enjoyed himself that day while Spot was away. He was able to watch whatever he wanted on the television and he was able to eat whatever he wanted as well. He really wasn’t paying close attention to the time and seven o’clock came and went.

About a half an hour later, Spot walked through the barn door. Fawn was just sitting in the living room watching television. She was very angry with Fawn.

“What are you doing home so early?” asked Fawn.

“I’m not early,” said Spot.

“Oh,” said Fawn. “I guess I didn’t pay attention to the time.”

“Fawn,” said Spot. “How could you? How could you not watch the time? We have clocks all over this house, the time is even displayed on the television.”

“I don’t know,” said Fawn. “I just forgot.”

“Well,” said Spot. “Lucky for me Mr. Hansen was just driving by at the same time I was walking home and he gave me a ride home. Sometimes you are just so irresponsible.”

Spot walked away and went into the kitchen, where she saw that Fawn had cooked dinner for her. She went back out into the living room where Fawn was.

“Fawn,” said Spot. “I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier. It was not fair to me. I can see now why you might have lost track of time.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Fawn.

“Well,” said Spot. “I saw the dinner that you cooked for me.”

“Actually,” said Fawn. “Mrs. Hansen brought that over earlier for me but if you want it go ahead.”

“Really?” asked Spot. “There is probably enough there for us both to eat. I’ll share with you.”

“Sure,” said Fawn.

Spot went back into the kitchen and Fawn followed her.

“Spot,” said Fawn. “I’m really sorry about not walking you home tonight. I just forgot about the time.”

“I forgive you,” said Spot.

“I’m glad,” said Fawn. “Because I couldn’t stand it if you were angry at me.”

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