Pink is a soft, pleasing to the eye colour. When I think of the colour pink I think of pink roses or carnations, pink icing on a birthday cake or a pink Cadillac. Pink roses and carnations I can handle and pink icing on a birthday cake isn’t so bad either. However, I don’t like Cadillac’s to begin with so a pink Cadillac, I definitely would not like. There is just something about a pink Cadillac that just isn’t right.

As far as animals go there really is only one animal that is pink and that is a pig. Now pigs are cool. They are really kind of funny looking but funny looking in a good way. They have the cutest little noses and the cutest curly tails. The cutest thing about a pig is definitely their babies. Newborn piglets are the most adorable little animals that I have ever seen.

Easter time is when you usually see a lot of pink. Easter chocolates and Easter candy usually contain pink icing or pink colouring of some kind. Little girls like to dress up in their pretty pink Easter dresses and wear their matching pretty pink hats. They look very pretty in their pink outfits.

Other than what I have mentioned above their really isn’t a lot more that I can say about the colour pink. It’s not that it is a boring colour because it isn’t, I just think that you either like it or you don’t. I am one that doesn’t like it.

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