White Christmas

Colour Kid grew up in Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada and as a young boy, he could always remember having a white Christmas. He remembers Christmas was a special time of year, very magical. However, as he grew up, not every Christmas was white. Some Christmases were green. He was not very fond of the green […] Read More

The Colour of Honey

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland on a very warm summer day. She spotted a very colourful house below. She flew down and landed on the front porch. While sitting on the front porch, Beatrice noticed that there was an open window. She also noticed that there wasn’t a screen on the window. Beatrice flew […] Read More

Meet Colour Kid

Welcome to the Meet Colour Kid page. The world is a very colourful place. I created my character, Colour Kid so that he can discuss some of the colours the world has to offer. I have to admit that there are some colours that Colour Kid likes more than others. Some colours are serene and […] Read More

Pastel Colours

The Easter season is upon us and with it comes a whole different palate of colours. When we think of Easter, we think of chocolates, pretty dresses and pretty flowers. There is one other thing that comes to mind. It is the very colourful pastel colours. Pastel colours are soft, soothing colours. They are easy […] Read More

Colour Kid – Green

Colour Kid looked up at the calendar on his kitchen wall. He saw that it was St. Patrick’s Day. “This is wonderful,” said Colour Kid. “I love St. Patrick’s Day.” Colour Kid wore his green t-shirt, a green hoodie and a green hat. He loved the colour green and St. Patrick’s Day always gave him […] Read More


Colour Kid woke up early on Valentine’s Day. He loved Valentine’s Day because it is on this day that he gets to enjoy one of his favourite colours, the colour red. “Thank you so much for the beautiful red roses,” said colour Kid’s mother. “They are so beautiful.” “They are beautiful,” said Colour Kid, admiring […] Read More

Christmas Colours

“I love Christmas colours,” said Colour Kid. Colour Kid was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at the mall. The mall was decorated with bright red, green, blue and yellow strings of Christmas lights. They hung from the ceiling. Colour Kid saw gold and silver tinsel draped down from the ceiling. “The mall has really outdone […] Read More

Autumn Colours

Colour Kid was walking through a forest in Eastern Ontario. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day. He stopped in a clearing and stood looking around him. He was mesmerized by the beauty of the autumn colours. “I just can’t believe how beautiful the colours of the leaves are in autumn,” said Colour Kid. “There […] Read More


I am the Colour Kid and at times, I like the colour purple. The reason I say at times is because purple is one of those colours you have to be in the mood for and I find I tend to like dark purple if I am in a bad mood and light purple if […] Read More


Hi everyone, this is the Colour Kid. I’m going to speak to you about the colour grey. Grey, to me, is not a colour that I can say that I like. It is a dull colour and a very depressing colour. It is not a warm colour like the colour blue or red. It is […] Read More