Pastel Colours

The Easter season is upon us and with it comes a whole different palate of colours. When we think of Easter, we think of chocolates, pretty dresses and pretty flowers. There is one other thing that comes to mind. It is the very colourful pastel colours.

Pastel colours are soft, soothing colours. They are easy on the eyes. An item made or a piece of art created using pastel colours seem to stand out from the rest.

There are many pastel colours. There are yellow, pink, green and blue. My favourite pastel colour is the baby blue colour. I think it is my favourite because blue is my favourite colour. Even though I love the blue pastel shades the most, all the other pastel colours are very nice to look at as well.

This Easter season would be the time to decorate your home. Let’s all use the pastel colours in our Easter decorations. Let’s make this Easter the most colourful Easter season ever.

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