Billy Troll Returns to School

“Hey Billy,” exclaimed Dianne. “Where are you going so early in the morning?”

“I’m on my way to school,” said Billy.

“School!” exclaimed Dianne. “Oh, I get it, isn’t today the day that you are going to give that pep rally to the kids about drugs and violence?”

“Well, yes it is,” said Billy. “However, I’m also going to school today because I’ve enrolled in some classes this fall.”

“You, Billy Troll, the famous country and western singer, are going to go back to school?” asked Dianne, stifling a chuckle.

“Yes, me,” said Billy. “I’d like to get my Grade 12 diploma. I only need two more credits towards it.”

“I always thought that you had your diploma,” said Dianne.

“I almost did, but the year I was to graduate, that was the year that I got very sick,” said Billy. “I missed quite a bit of school near the end.”

“So, what classes are you taking?” asked Dianne.

“I’m taking Music and English,” said Billy.

“I can understand why you would want to take Music, but English,” said Dianne.

“Why would you want to take English?”

“Oh come on,” said Billy. “Any songwriter would benefit by taking an English course or two. I bet you would even get a lot of out going back to school.”

“I already have my diploma,” said Dianne. “What would I want to go back to school for?”

“Just because you have your diploma doesn’t mean you can’t go back to school,” said Billy. “Don’t you ever have the desire to learn something new?”

“Not really,” said Dianne. “What could there possibly be that I would want to learn?”

“What about taking a course in computers?” asked Billy.

“Computers!” exclaimed Dianne. “You know something, that does sound like fun!”

“Well come on then,” said Billy. “Let’s go!”

Billy took Dianne’s hand and together, they walked to school.

“What’s this?” asked Billy, one evening, while leafing through Dianne’s homework

“It’s a drawing I made on the computer,” said Dianne.

“You want to know something,” said Billy. “This is exactly what I am looking for!”

“What can you do with this?” asked Dianne, holding the computer printout in her hands.

“I could use it for my next album cover,” said Billy.

Dianne took a closer look at the printout.

“You know something, Billy,” said Dianne, excitedly. “With a little more work, this would be perfect for your new album!”

“Now aren’t you glad that you went back to school?” asked Billy, grinning from ear to ear.

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