Summertime Heat

Poor Mountain Father was outside in the shed working on his lawn mower. It had been a very hot summer so far and he thought that it would be cooler to work in the shed. However, there were no windows in the shed, so the air could not circulate. 

“It is so hot in here,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I sure wish it would rain. That would cool it down. This summertime heat is brutal.” 

“You know,” said Poor Mountain Mother, who was walking by the shed and overheard Poor Mountain Father. “When it does start to rain, you will be wishing for the summertime heat to return.” 

“I don’t think so,” said Poor Mountain Father. “The heat this summer is unbearable.” 

Poor Mountain Mother went up to the house and she came back a few minutes later with a tall glass of ice cold lemonade. Poor Mountain Father was very appreciative of the lemonade. While he sipped it, he looked over at Poor Mountain Mother. He saw that the heat was getting to her too. Then he thought of the children. 

“The heat must be getting to the children too,” said Poor Mountain Father. 

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “We have every window open in the house but it isn’t helping. The air is just stale. It isn’t moving so the fans can’t circulate it.” 

“The air is kind of dead,” said Poor Mountain Father. “It almost feels like a storm is rolling in.” 

“But there isn’t a cloud in the sky,” said Poor Mountain Mother. 

“True,” said Poor Mountain Father. “But the clouds could be hiding behind the mountains.” 

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “You never know what is brewing on the other side of the mountains.” 

Poor Mountain Father finished his lemonade and he picked up the tools to work on the lawn mower again. Then a great idea hit him. 

“Grab the kids,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We are going to the lake.” 

“What about the lawn mower?” asked Poor Mountain Mother. 

“It can wait,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I really can’t cut the grass anyway because the grass is pretty much dead.” 

The Poor Mountain Family enjoyed their day at the lake. They all went swimming and it cooled them all down. 

On the way home, Poor Mountain Brother saw a huge black cloud in the sky. 

“I better take the shortcut home,” said Poor Mountain Father. “We left all the windows in the house open.” 

Poor Mountain Father put the truck into 4X4 and then he drove through the field. They were able to get home just in time to close the windows before the storm started. 

It rained for two weeks straight and it wasn’t just a light sprinkle. It was a torrential downpour. 

I bet you wish the summertime heat would return now,” said Poor Mountain Mother, seeing Poor Mountain Father go stir crazy being stuck in the house all the time. 

“I didn’t want to be the one to say it,” said Poor Mountain Father. “But yes, I would prefer anything but this rain. I have so much work to do outside.” 

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother, laughing. “But you can’t cut the grass in this rain. It is much too wet.” 

“Very true,” laughed Poor Mountain Father, hugging Poor Mountain Mother. 

“There are lots of inside jobs I can think of,” said Poor Mountain Mother. 

“I guess this is as good of a time as any to get them done,” said Poor Mountain Father, going downstairs to grab his toolbox.

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