Scaredy Cat Arrow


It was Halloween Eve and Mommy was exhausted from working all day and then having over 30 trick-or-treaters at the door. Mommy had a nice relaxing bath and then went to bed.

Arrow was just about going to jump in bed and snuggle up to Mommy, who was already asleep, when he heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen.

He looked over at Mommy but it was obvious that she didn’t hear anything because she was sound asleep. Arrow tried to ignore the noise but the noise seemed to get louder.

Arrow went slowly down the hallway. His fur stood up on its end. He was scared. He has been scared before but usually Mommy is right beside him and he knows she would take care of him and comfort him.

As he walked down the hallway, he thought to himself that maybe he should be the big boy and that he should protect Mommy. Mommy would be so proud of him for being so brave and protecting her. Arrow got just to the end of the hallway when another thought came to him. He thought that in order for Mommy to know how brave he is, she would have to be awake and actually see him being brave. Arrow realized that his act of bravery was going to go unnoticed. He didn’t like that idea. He also realized that since Mommy was sleeping she would never know how scared he just was. He ran as fast as he could and jumped up onto the bed with Mommy and fell asleep. Arrow started purring loudly.

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