Stealing Halloween Candy

“It is Halloween night,” said Halloween Cat, sitting on a fence post, watching children trick-or-treat. “I love Halloween.” Halloween Cat loves Halloween because he loves candy. However, he doesn’t like trick-or-treating. Instead, he sits on a fence post and watches children walk by. When he sees an easy target, he will sneak up on them […] Read More

Polydactyl Cat

It was a rainy summer day and Arrow and Cutie were bored. Cutie sat on the kitchen floor looking at her brother. She noticed his big front paws. She had always wondered about them but never asked him about them. She thought this would be a good time to ask him about them. “Are you […] Read More

Mrs. Robin

Mrs. Robin was busy taking care of her three babies one spring morning, when one of the babies looked over the side of the nest and screamed. “What is the matter?” asked Mrs. Robin, looking over the edge of the nest and putting her wing over her baby’s eyes. “Oh dear! It is that blasted […] Read More

Scaredy Cat Arrow

  It was Halloween Eve and Mommy was exhausted from working all day and then having over 30 trick-or-treaters at the door. Mommy had a nice relaxing bath and then went to bed. Arrow was just about going to jump in bed and snuggle up to Mommy, who was already asleep, when he heard a […] Read More

Meet Cutie

Welcome to the Meet Cutie page. I first met Cutie in October 2015 and the moment I saw her I thought to myself how precious and beautiful she was. I also thought about how nice it would be to have her as my own cat. Unlike, Arrow, Cutie was dainty and small. We don’t know […] Read More

Cutie Goes to the Vet

“Oh no!” exclaimed Arrow, a seven year old cat. “What happened to your eye?” “Nothing,” said his sister, Cutie. “There is nothing wrong with my eye.” “It looks like you have been crying,” said Arrow. “No,” said Cutie. “I haven’t been crying.” “Why is your eye watering?” asked Arrow. “I don’t know what you are […] Read More

Arrow’s Autumn Adventure

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “What are you doing?” Arrow sat on the end of Mommy’s bed with his leash and harness in his mouth. Le Mommy took a look at him and laughed. “Arrow,” said Mommy. “If you think I am taking you outside at six am in the morning, you are silly.” Arrow just sat […] Read More


Arrow was my Easter present, well one of them. Arrow is a teeny little kitten and he is the most adorable kitten that I have ever seen in my life. Arrow is black and white and he has the full markings of an arrow on his back. Arrow came to me at a time in […] Read More

The Wrecking Yard Secret

Homie, the wrecking yard cat, is known around the wrecking yard as being the toughest cat around. Homie, as a matter of fact is so tough that even all the animals in the wrecking yard stay away from him. “Oh no !”exclaimed a mouse, seeing Homie in the distance. “I have to run and hide. […] Read More


Once upon a time, there lived the cutest little kitten ever. She was grey, white and black in colour with specks of orange. Kitty had one problem and one problem only. Kitty has room in her heart for only one person and that one person is me. When Kitty was a baby, she had her […] Read More