Halloween Trouble with Halloween Cat

It is a dark and eerie Halloween night. There was a full moon but It was hiding behind some clouds. If there was ever going to be some Halloween trouble this Halloween would be it.

There were some children out trick-or-treating. They were laughing and giggling as they went from house to house to fill their bags with Halloween candy. What the children didn’t know was that they were being watched. Sitting on a fence post at the end of the street was a black cat, Halloween Cat. What the children didn’t know was that Halloween Cat loved candy and he would steal to get some.

Halloween Cat watched intently as child after child passed by. Then he saw a victim. He saw a child put his bag of candy down on the sidewalk while the child’s mother adjusted his costume. Halloween Cat jumped down from the fence post and sleeked up behind the child without making a sound. He grabbed the bag of candy in his mouth and he ran as fast as  he could back to the fence post.

Now, we all know that if you steal something you are bound to get caught. Halloween Cat is no different. Whenever he steals bags of candy, he does get caught.”

Bad kitty!” shouted the child’s mother when she chased Halloween Cat to the fence post. “How dare you steal candy from a child?”

The child’s mother took the bag of candy from Halloween Cat. He just sat there as he watched her give the child back his bag of candy. He didn’t move an inch until they were out of sight.

“Yummy candy,” said Halloween Cat, pulling a couple of pieces of candy out from under himself.

Halloween Cat always seems to manage to take a few pieces of candy out of the bag and sit on them before a parent comes and takes the bags of candy back that he stole.


Moral of this Story:

  • If you steal something, you are bound to get caught.
  • Example: Halloween Cat stole Halloween candy from a child. The mother of the child got it back from him.

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