Importance of Family with Autumn Elf

Autumn Elf just walked into the kitchen after being outside. It was starting to be a beautiful autumn day but Autumn Elf wanted everyone to be in the same bad mood he was in.

“You did it again,” said his sister, Stella, sternly. “You went and turned the thermometer down outside. Why do you keep doing this? Every day for the last week has started out nice, until you decide to mess with the weather!”

Autumn Elf is in charge of the weather during the autumn months. He can make it sunny and nice or he can make it cold and miserable.

“I was angry,” said Autumn Elf. “I couldn’t find the milk for my bowl of cereal.”

“So,” screamed Stella, going to the fridge and taking a container of milk out that was sitting behind a carton of juice that Autumn Elf had put in the fridge the night before. “Just because you are in a bad mood because you couldn’t find the  milk that you had buried with your container of juice, you want to make the weather miserable for everyone else!”

“I am the one in charge of the weather,” yelled Autumn Elf. “That means I can do whatever I want with it.”

“Actually,” said Franklin, an elderly elf that had just stopped by and overheard most of the conversation between Autumn Elf and Stella. “Your right to control the weather can be revoked if you abuse it and from what I can tell from this past week, you have been abusing your power.”

Autumn Elf was stunned. He always respected Frankton’s advice. Frankton was someone he always looked up to.

“Thank you Frankton,” said Stella. “Autumn Elf just wants everyone else to be miserable just like he is. I am tired of it.”

“Dear,” said Frankton.” You can always stay with me.”

“I just might do that,” said Stella. “It seems that Autumn Elf is forgetting the importance of family.”

Stella was going to go to her room and pack a few things. However, Autumn Elf came to his senses.

“Please Stella,” begged Autumn Elf. “Don’t go. I do realize the importance of family. I have let the power of controlling the weather get to me. I am sorry and it won’t happen again.”

Both Stella and Frankton believed what he was saying. Stella decided she would stay but on one condition.

“Please turn up the thermometer,” said Stella.

“Yes,” agreed Frankton. “Please do.”

Autumn Elf went outside. He reached up into the sky and turned up the thermometer.

“You do know the importance of family,” said Stella, smiling as she gave her brother a big hug.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always realize the importance of family.
  • Example: Autumn Elf wanted to make the autumn weather miserable because he was in a bad mood.

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